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    Affect performance

    Aluminum honeycomb panel core is manufactured by aluminum foil and special aluminum honeycomb nodal glue on aluminum honeycomb core production line. The factors that affect the performance of aluminum honeycomb core materials include aluminum foil, nodal glue, and honeycomb core specifications.

    1 .Aluminum foil
    Aluminium foil should be selected as 3003/5052 grade. The processing process should be strictly surface treated. In products with high requirements on strength or durability, aluminum honeycomb core material made of 1100 pure aluminum foil should be used with caution.

    2 .Node glue
    The joint adhesive should be epoxy-modified high-temperature curing adhesive. Generally, due to its low strength, the aluminum honeycomb core is likely to be degummed and the overall damage is unstable.   
    The node strength of aluminum honeycomb core is the main basis for evaluating its performance.≥2.0N/mm。
    (See Aviation Industry Standard HB5443-90 of the People's Republic of China for Aerospace Industry "Specifications for Durable Aluminum Honeycomb Core Materials for Sandwich Structures")

    3. Aluminum honeycomb core specifications
    Aluminum honeycomb core specifications are determined by the thickness of the aluminum foil and the size of the honeycomb cells. Different specifications of aluminum honeycombs have different densities and different mechanical properties.
    The specifications of the aluminum honeycomb core can be expressed in two ways: the diameter of the inscribed circle of the honeycomb cells (English units) and the thickness of the aluminum foil / edge length of the cells (metric units). China's national standard is expressed by the thickness of the aluminum foil / edge of the cells. .






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