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    Aluminum corrugated



    一、Stable and durable bonding performance:
    Corrugated composite board adopts AL3003H16-H18 material, panel thickness is 0.8 ~ 1.0mm, back panel thickness is 0.4 ~ 0.5mm (same as aluminum honeycomb panel), core board is AL100H16-H18, material thickness is 0.2mm The board is 0.06 ~ 0.07mm). It is produced by the most advanced ERPSystem quality management on advanced fully automated production equipment to ensure that the bonding performance is stable and durable.

    二、Energy saving and environmental protection:
    The core board of the corrugated board is a water wave type, which forms an air channel between the panel and the back board. It is a hollow board system with heat insulation performance.
    In cold areas, during the day and under sunlight, the stored heat energy can reduce the loss of indoor heating heat, and it has thermal insulation performance.
    The remaining materials in the project can be recycled 100%, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

    三、Noise reduction:
    Because the core board is a corrugated arc, it reflects the sound waves in a curved surface, which eliminates the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the back plate, and improves the sound insulation performance by more than 35dB.

    四、Ultra-high flatness:
    Because the thickness of the aluminum panel is 0.5mm, the aluminum-plastic composite panel is not suitable for large plate or large-height curtain wall projects.
    Due to the linear expansion coefficient of 2.35x10-5, the aluminum veneer has a large cold shrinkage and thermal expansion deformation.It is generally used for 1-2 years
    The flatness of the outer surface of the honeycomb panel is good, but the price is high and it is not suitable for engineering.
    Tensile and compressive strength of aluminum corrugated board, 180-degree peel strength (see test report for details)

    五、Fluorocarbon coating:
    The panel of corrugated board is fluorocarbon roller coating, because it uses an automated assembly line production line for degreasing, degreasing, cleaning, drying, and chromizing the aluminum plate surface.

    六、Lightweight and economical:
    The corrugated board is 6mm thick and the specific gravity is 4.3kg / m2.

    七、Easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, strong anti-fouling ability, durable and color-changing.

    八、Large specifications and improved material utilization:
    The corrugated board has a width of 1000 to 1550 mm, a length of 300 to 6000 mm, and a thickness of 4 to 8 mm, which improves the utilization rate of materials and reduces costs.

    九、Easy processing and installation
    Easy processing: can be cut, punched and bent, and can be made into special-shaped flat plate and curved plate. Side ribs and reinforced middle help can be connected with pull rivets, which is simple and firm.
    asy installation and construction: fixed-distance crimping, hanging, slitting, and closed-sealing structures can be used to ensure that the surface is flat, safe and durable, and more architectural, see the node diagram for details

    十、Value ratio:
    Aluminum corrugated board has the above-mentioned ultra high performance, and the price is close to 3mm thick aluminum veneer, which is economical.




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