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    How to make?

    How to make aluminum honeycomb core? There are two main methods:

    Forming method: Firstly, aluminum foil strips are formed into corrugated strips, and then the corrugated strips are glued and laminated to form an aluminum honeycomb panel core block. This method is only used for thick or rigid alloy foils or non-regular hexagonal special aluminum honeycomb panel sandwiches.

    Stretching method: firstly apply aluminum strips on the aluminum foil, then laminate the aluminum foils, glue them to form a laminate, and finally stretch them into aluminum honeycomb panel core pieces. Normally hexagonal or square honeycomb cells are manufactured by this method.



    Process of manufacturing aluminum honeycomb panel sandwich by stretching method:
    1、The first step is the foil surface treatment. For degreasing treatment before gluing, solvent vapor degreasing and alkaline washing are generally used. In order to improve the bonding strength and durability of aluminum foil, the aluminum foil can also be subjected to chemical oxidation, passivation, phosphorus treatment, and the like.
    2、The second step is to apply aluminum foil. Gluing includes vertical strip coating and horizontal strip coating.
    3、The third step is lamination and curing of the aluminum foil. The glued aluminum foil is stacked according to the required number of sheets, and then heated and pressurized in a hot press or autoclave to cure.
    4、Stretch forming and processing of cores. There are two options for this step: first stretching and then processing the shape and first processing the shape and then stretching. The shape of the aluminum honeycomb panel structure is very small, and the pre-deformation method can be used. Processing the shape first and then stretching is generally suitable for processing aluminum honeycomb core blocks with equal sections or straight busbar shapes.




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