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    Use and installation

    The composition of aluminum honeycomb panel: aluminum panel, aluminum base plate, aluminum honeycomb core, adhesive. It is one of the commonly used materials in building curtain wall decoration.



    1, lifting ear type

    This aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall is installed by lifting ears and aluminum honeycomb panels separately≥12mm, this installation method makes processing simple and easy to install.

    2, flanging

    The installation method of the aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall is to process the installation flange when processing the aluminum honeycomb panel. The suitable glue joint width is≥10mm, this method is easy to install, but the processing is slightly complicated, and it is not suitable for modeling aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall.

    3.Deduction type

    This aluminum honeycomb panel is installed with aluminum profiles, and the profile is a specific profile, which is easy to install. However, this method requires higher processing accuracy of the plate, and it is not recommended to use the plate with a length greater than 3000mm.




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